Hawks Legend -Apocalypse- Robert Turnbull


Published: July 14th 2013

Kindle Edition

454 pages


Hawks Legend -Apocalypse-  by  Robert  Turnbull

Hawks Legend -Apocalypse- by Robert Turnbull
July 14th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 454 pages | ISBN: | 4.63 Mb

Robert Hawk started out to prepare his cabin for a family vacation, what he found instead would be a world forever changed. A world filled with mutants, raiders, and death. A world of survival and hopeless despair.Into this world Hawk would be thrown, and would become a beacon of hope.Geared with technology unknown to man, and trained to be ready for anything, a problem arises Robert Hawk could never have dreamed...is the man himself capable of surviving the horrors of his own life, his own mind?

Little could he dream he would become a stone cold killer, mutant hunter, and emotional wasteland that he would become? Only the gentleness of a select few women could reach into his increasingly cold heart...but could any of them truly save him?The creation of a new world, of a new way of life, is the driving force behind the legend.

Lives, adventures, and loves that intertwine his life are the story. The horrors of a world gone mad, and dangers he has yet to face in this new uncharted world, all serve to create the man...The legend known as Hawk.This novel is, in itself, more than a complete story. Hawk’s Legend - Apocalypse, is the prequel to the free online ‘Hawk’s Legend trilogy’. www.hawkslegend.comThis book contains a myriad of answers other have asked for more detail on over the years since it’s inception. The books in the trilogy has been downloaded over eleven thousand times since I put the web site up about 2009.While full of action, adventure, romance, all set in a post-apocalyptic world.

This novel brings the reader into the world of Hawk beginning at ‘Day Zero’ through the point where Hawk finds the nearly dead girl, Keli, in the desert one hundred and twenty years later. A sprawling saga spanning the decades, locations, and the rebuilding of the civilizations that were once was known America and Canada.By understanding the Hawk of the trilogy, you will begin to see the slow change from the ‘every day’ man that Robert Hawk was, to the man of strange mixed emotions, and deadly killer he would become...This time instead of a series of books, I created one novel following Hawk’s life that spans the twelve decades and wraps up where the original Hawk’s Legend begins.

At some point, I would recommend reading the trilogy (if you already haven’t) as there are many references pertaining to the trilogy. Either way, the reader should have one of those “Oh, now I see!” moments whether or not they read this book first or last.

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